Soal Bahasa Inggris Semua Jenjang dengan Jawabannya

Soal Bahasa Inggris – Berikut pembahasan soal bahasa inggris lengkap dibawah ini.

Soal dibawah ini merupkan contoh soal yang bisa digunakan untuk semua jenjang karena soal ini walaupun kelihatannya sedikit tapi jika dipelajari jawabannya akan menjadi banyak, sehingga jika kalian mempelajari dengan baik akan dapat mengembangkan soal ini menjadi litihan soal bahasa inggris untuk semua jenjang.

  1. Make a complaint from this situation!
    a. Sweater – two days ago– shrunk.
    b. Washing machine – yesterday – damaged.
    c. Bag – two weeks ago – damaged.
    d. Sofa – two months ago – broken.
    e. Refrigerator – a week ago – broken.
  2. Give your response based on this stimulus!
    a. They – play soccer – in the field – always.
    b. We – play chess – at night – usually.
    c. She – drinks coffee – before sleeping – never.
    d. The students – practice their English – frequently.
    e. She – plays piano – rarely.
  3. Make the passive form from the sentences below:
    a. They often watch television.
    b. She is watching movie now.
    c. Alexander Bell invented the telephone.
    d. They were playing gamelan in the hall yesterday.
    e. I have learned Japanese since I was in Tokyo.
    f. The secretary had typed the letters.
    g. The queen will open the bridge tomorrow.
  4. Make this situation into conditional sentences type 1, 2, 3!
    a. Ben doesn’t have better computer, he doesn’t play computer game
    b. He doesn’t fall down the cliff, he doesn’t hurt himself.
    c. The party is not on Saturday, Emma doesn’t go there.
    d. The dress is not red, Ben doesn’t give Lucy red flowers.
    e. The car doesn’t start, we are late for school.
  5. Make WH-questions from these sentences!
    a. I always go to campus in the morning by car with my friend.
    b. She celebrated her birthday in Bali when she was seventeen years old.
    c. I have borrowed a novel about autobiographical in a university library since 3 days ago.
  6. “Why schooling is important for children?” Please give your reason in one paragraph!


Menunjukan kalimat keluhan/komplain

a.-why did my chlotes shrink?
-I already gave you a reward for caring for it..

b.-oh please don’t be damage,”!
I need this washing machine for long time

.c.”mom,my bag is damage,please give me a new one”!

d.”oh..this sofa always broken every years,!”

f.This Refrigerator was broken,how could I put my ice cube”!

a.They always play soccer in the field
Respon:it’s good for them health

b.We usually play chess at night
Respon:play chess good for brain

c.She never drinks coffe before sleeping
Respon:drinks coffe before sleept it’s bad

d.The student practice their English Frequently
Respon:practice makes clever

E.She rarely play piano
Respon:music makes cool down

a.This television often watched by them

b.The movie is watching by her

c.The telephone was invented by Alexander Bell

d.The gamelan in the hall were played by them yesterday

e.since I was in tokyo I have learned Japanese

F. The letter had typed by the secretary
F. THE bridge will open by the queen tomorrow

-if Ben doesn’t have a better computer,he would doesn’t play computer

-if Ben had not have a better computer,he would had not play’ a computer

-Ben doesn’t have better computer ,so he doesn’t play computer

-If he doesn’t fall down the cliff,he would not hurt him self

-if he had fall down the cliff,he had hurt him self

-he fall down the cliff,he hurt him self

-if the party is not on Saturday,Emma would not go there
-if the party is not on saturday,Emma had not go there
-The party is on Saturday Emma will go there

-.if the dress is not red,Ben wouldn’t give Lucy red flower
-if the dress is not red,Ben had not give Lucy red flower
-The dress is red ,Ben give Lucy red flower

-if the car doesn’t start,we would late for school
-if the car doesn’t start,we have late for school
-the car is start,we shall on time for school

5.W&H Question

-what you always do in the morning?
-where you always go in the morning?
-who always go to campus in the morning?
-why you always go to campus in the morning?
-when you always go to campus?
-How do you go to campus?

-what she did when she was seventeen?
-where did she celebrate her birthday?
-who was celebrate her birthday?
-when did she celebrate her birthday?
-why is she celebrated her birthday?
-How she celebrated her birthday?

-what you have borrowed?
-who have borrowed a novel?
-where did you borrowed a novel?
-when did you borrowed a novel ?
-Why did you borrowed a novel auto?
-How did you borrowed a novel ?

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